Vintage is by no means a short-lived look, but by its individuality in style of living, whose popularity scale is rising more and more. Whether decorating with accessories

A high on the wallpaper! The noble wall covering was reserved for the royal family and the nobility only a few centuries ago. With the increasing industrialization, tapestries became affordable for everyone

Extremely popular is the hydrangea decoration because of its lush and voluminous flowers. And the Japanese ornamental plant has many dreamlike colors and shapes to offer

Well over 25,000 known species in nearly 900 genera make the possibilities of orchid decoration so diverse. But she is not only popular because of her colorful biodiversity,

A beautiful hallway is the calling card of your apartment. According to the motto “the first impression counts”, the focus should be on a beautiful but practical design that is characterized

Decorating, furnishing and living with the booming design classic Vintage is multifaceted, as it encompasses all past epochs of typical designs.